What We Really Do

We Design your network.  How things are connected.  What items are connected to the Internet.  What Computers, Tablets, Printers, Phones, Scanners, etc.  are connected to the Server.  Where they can be located.


How your software interacts with devices on the network.  Which devices have the software.  If you have another location, how that needs to connect to your main location.


Who has access to your files on the Server.  Who can print to your printers.  Who has access to the Internet and how much of the Internet can they see.  How your users communicate with others on the outside of your network.


If you need a Professional phone system that has automated features like menus to guide callers to the right person.  Or take Voice Mail to the right person.  Or find the person they are looking for and automatically forward calls there.


If your users want to receive calls on their workstation or other computer or tablet.  Are you interested in lowering your monthly phone bill?


If you would like a Camera/Security System which allows you to see what people in and around your location are doing.  And record and notify you of questionable actions by others.

These are all things we can help you with at a relatively low cost

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