Products & Services

We specialize in custom network design, management, and security, and integrating all of your hardware into a seamless, easy to use productive environment.

We make on-site service calls or if you prefer, we can setup your system to allow us to securely login and perform repairs or installations after hours when your work force will not be interrupted.

* Or in many cases, make repairs or configuration changes at a moments notice.

We also offer high quality custom built Workstations, Servers, Laptops, Touchscreen computers, and other equipment.  And can integrate this equipment into your system.

Hiring us is more economical than having a full time IT employee or having existing employees stop what they should be doing and learn to repair a problem or install software.


* Depends on available technician at the time.

807 S. Kansas Ave                                       Liberal, Kansas                                                         Ph. (620) 604-9812